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Born in London but spending much of his younger years in the metropolis of Santiago de Chile, Sixsense was born to a mixed background of a Jewish-South American Father and Australian Mother.


Six's interest in music began early, influenced by the Bolero ballads of Trio Los Panchos, beloved by his father and many Latin Americans alike. His parents, believing all of their children should learn Instrument, encouraged him to pick up the flute.  When he was 11 his uncle, a member of the band Telemetry Orchestra, taught him a basic 4x4 pattern on the drum kit. But it wasn't until age 13, when he convinced his parents to buy him an electric piano, that his interest in music really took off.


He practiced every day for hours at a time, teaching himself the basics of Jazz piano theory using youtube videos and online articles. Like many musicians, his origins were basic. An old windows computer bought off a friend loaded with free-to-use music software, a new found passion for Hip-Hop, and his piano Six began composing his first songs out of his bedroom making music using whatever he could get his hands on. In 2021, after only 2 months at university, he decided to drop out and pursue music full time.

His upcoming single Ayanna is the second in a chain of songs quite different from the rest of his repertoire, a soothing love ballad fusing modern cloud rap music with the hypnotising sound of latin pop. 

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